London based four-piece Acrobat make direct and optimistic pop music that is undeniably infectious.

Move over rover, there’s a new crew of Eddy Murphy roll backs in town and they’re on the look out for Jacuzzi Princesses with wrap-around furs ‘n’ spurs.

With the songs on A. Medic, Disconcerts tap into a wider range of influences to bring forth a varied and dynamic selection of sounds.

Formed and based in London, Electricity In Our Homes are utilitarian in sound and vision. Taking inspiration from Talking Heads, Sonic Youth, Prince and the best of British DIY.

Ill Ease was initially a recording project born around 1998 when an old 8-track, a haunted piano and guitar amp with no off-switch for the vibrato were left in an abandoned auto shop in Brooklyn...

Le Tetsuo met at art school in Norwich, when it was fashionable to wear plastic grapes around your neck and drink lager through a straw.

Maria & The Mirrors appeared in Deptford one night in 2008 following years of studying the Netto style of shamanic drum invocation in the Siberian islands of Novaya Zemlya.

PLUG are a drums and bass duo from London comprising of Sian Dorrer (vocals and drums) and Georgie Nettell (bass, keyboards and vocals - simultaneously!)

Born out of the dark thoughts of a world that could have been...

Skinjobs perform and record with an ever-changing line up of artist and musician friends involving improvisatory and knowingly shambolic renditions of songs.