After the huge acclaim of 2009's single, Human Figure In Motion, Chichester’s Disconcerts went from strength to strength. That year saw them support The Horrors and Neils Children on their respective album release tours, as well as being booked for the prestigious Offset Festival and performing their first radio session for Resonance Fm.


Disconcerts second release, A. Medic has all the promising hallmarks of their debut single; the kinetic, driving rhythms of drummer Rick Trust, the equally fundamental yet melodic bass lines from bass player Alan Pilkington and guitarist/singer Hugo Hamper-Potts' urgent, neurotic vocal delivery and razor sharp guitar lines.


With the songs on A. Medic though, Disconcerts tap into a wider range of influences to bring forth a varied and dynamic selection of sounds. They have upped the stakes for underground British bands by producing a solid yet open-ended record, proving they will never be tied to one sound.


Photo 1: Hugo's aunts friend
Photos 2-4: Hedi Slimane