Yola Fatoush

The immersive, transcendental productions on Yola Fatoush's first EP weave diverse, unpredictable rhythms with rich chord progressions into intricate dance structures. Moving effortlessly between style, tempo and mood they create a primal, emotional space that envelopes the listener. Genre is not important: bewildering, overwhelming and optimistic, this is the sound of two people creating a space in which you feel something real.


Ruth Angel Edwards and Kit Mason regard musicians such as songwriter Jeremih and Chicago footwork producer turned RnB singer DJ Nate (aka Baka) to be equally as progressive as underground noise artists James Ferraro and Hype Williams. Whilst referencing styles as wide-ranging as Magic-fm pop, Shangaan electro, RnB and trance, Yola Fatoush look deep into themselves and compliment those sounds with their own conflicted, melodramatic lyrics and emotive pop melodies.